About BOAZ

At BOAZ Rentals we have great pleasure and fun selecting unique properties, only for you. 
Since 2019, we’ve hand-picked and personally inspected more than 80 accommodations in the Algarve — Portugal. 

Our mission is to provide our guests a wonderful experience while enjoying the best holiday locations the region has to offer. 
BOAZ rentals team happily manages every aspect of a rental property, and high standards will always be a priority to us — be ready for that 5 stars feeling.

Meet the faces behind the project, and get to know us better.

Matthijs de WitFounder & CEO

The brain and the heart of BOAZ Rentals. Highly driven to public relations and strategy, he loves to develop new partnerships, and discover unique properties for our portfolio. Matthijs never starts the day without his coffee, on Carvoeiro’s most iconic hill.

Tico KeersCTO

Tico is a problem solver, an optimistic one. Side by side with Matthijs, he manages both technological and practical issues, with great mastery and calm. Focused and sharp, he won’t miss a thing. 

Ritchie de VreedenProperty management & Adventures

Ritchie de Vreeden joined us in 2022, and apart from being a villa manager and responsible for logistics, he has also another passion: a love for sports and adventures.

Yannick Nicklaus Property management

With a vast experience in hospitality, Yannick operates as a property manager and will be one of the friendly faces you’ll see the most. Although he grew up in Portugal, Yannick has both Dutch and German roots. Favorite part, in his work? The human contact.

Marta NobreSocial Media & Press

Marta likes to wander around while creating images and exploring ideas. After 10 years abroad, in cities like Paris or Barcelona, she decided to come back, and spend her days telling stories about brands she loves.

Company Values

We respect these main principles and maintain them among our team.


We do not keep secrets from each other and our clients, and stay always open to you.


Team-building is a very important part of our friendly and eventful team routine.


Our team is constantly increasing the level of mastery by visiting various seminars.

One team

The whole team meets every week to discuss various issues which happened during it.


We always search for modern and up-to-date solution of various routine problems.


All our products are thoroughly tested in accordance with the high quality standards.