BOAZ takes the Adventurous Side of Life

BOAZ Rentals has a new team member, but this isn’t the only new thing happening in our office nowadays.

Ritchie de Vreeden joined us a couple of weeks ago, and apart from being a villa manager and responsible for logistics, he has also another passion: a love for sports and adventures.

BOAZ Rentals is getting ready to launch BOAZ Adventures — and make sure you won’t miss (or worry about) a thing during your holidays in Algarve. Let’s take a look below and get to know him better!

Meet Ritchie de Vreeden, your Summer Concierge.
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5 Stunning Villas: Big Families Edition

There are two times of the year where families can gather and spend quality time together: Xmas and Summer Holidays.

While some love to enjoy the day by the swimming pool, others love to prepare unforgettable meals for the whole family or find a reading corner to nestle with a nice pile of books. And of course, everybody needs privacy. Because hospitality is our specialty, we’ve prepared a list of five stunning villas, nothing but perfect for big families.

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2021: What a Time to be Alive

2021 was a year full of expectations and dreams.

We all missed “normal life”, traveling, and enjoying the company of our loved ones without worrying too much. It wasn’t always easy, but I’m sure humanity did its best, and you too. Now, let’s put things in perspective and take a look at some of 2021’s biggest events.

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The Xmas Gift Guide for Travelers

So, here we are — it’s that time of the year again.

Christmas lists are being written as we speak, and family members suddenly become humans with desires and needs to be fulfilled. Today is your lucky day, as we have a tailored list that might help, in case you’re dealing with some serious traveler vibes. And, because we have a feeling that airplane tickets give you chills too, feel free to make your own wishlist for the season. You know you deserve it.

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What do our clients say about us?

For those working in hospitality — or, let’s say, any kind of business — I’m sure you know how important it is to have feedback from the clients. At BOAZ Rentals, we love to provide a great experience, but also promote fluid communication — which is a great way to improve.

So we asked some of our 2021 guests how do they feel about their stay with us. Hope you like it! 

An invitation for sunbaths at Casa Marinha.
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