Location: <span>Monchique</span>

Just about 30 minutes from the ocean lays Monchique and its mountains. Monchique is considered to be the Garden of the Algarve, one of the most attractive areas of this region, unique and different from the coastal tourism. Monchique Mountains, Fóia, with an altitude of 902 metres, and Picota both feature gorgeous coastal views and are a Protected Natural Reserve. Monchique Portugal is ideally situated to explore both coasts of the Algarve – the Southern beaches of Praia da Rocha, Ferragudo and Alvor or the unspoiled West coast with its deserted beaches.

The tranquil ancient village of Monchique with its traditional architecture is quite different from the coast: hilly narrow streets that open up new perspectives at every step among camellias and hydrangeas, fruit trees, gardens and evocative orchards. Caldas de Monchique is a complex of curative springs and spa, just a few minutes from the village. It has been famous for its waters, which have healing properties since Roman times.

Caldas de Monchique is a graceful village that has long been known as a pleasant destination for health and holidays, famous for its tranquillity, purity of water and spectacular panoramic views. Monchique offers many walking paths, natural forests, freshwater lakes, botanical gardens, and local sites of historical interest.

The north-western village of Monchique in the Algarve is a great alternative to the busy coastal towns. Monchique offers total relaxation, with spectacular scenery, plenty of places to walk and explore and lots of cafés and restaurants to choose from.

Monchique is famous for its fairs and markets which attract many visitors all year-round. Some of the local productions are the home-cured ham, a vast assortment of homemade-style sausages, honey, marzipan sweets and Medronho – a strong liqueur made from the fruits of the arbutus (strawberry) tree. Basketry and weaving are part of the traditional crafts of Monchique; also very popular are the traditional Roman-style ‘scissor’ stools and chairs. Artisans can be seen producing knitwear, cane work, pottery, tiles and sculptures.

The village of Monchique plays host to several car rallies and cycle races each year. It is ideal for outdoor sports and activities: pony trekking, canoeing, forest walks, hiking, climbing and abseiling, mountain biking, bird and nature watching.

There is an abundance of restaurants in Monchique and on the road up to Fóia where you can enjoy typical local food, its exquisite pastries and desserts. Some of the most popular dishes are the roasted chicken ‘piri-piri’, wild boar, black suckling pig, eels stew, suckling pig, rabbit stew, beans or chickpeas stew, octopus and fish stews.

It is fun to stroll around the village and stop for a light snack at lunchtime soaking up the lovely atmosphere of Monchique. There are numerous cafés and pastry shops (pastelarias) that serve delicious, mouthwatering cakes.

The mountain range of Monchique is a natural heritage that encourages visitors to contemplation – amazing views and landscapes full of eucalyptus and chestnut woods, fields of wildflowers and bushes, crystalline streams that meander at the bottom of steep valleys. Equipped with high environmental quality, the freshness of the mountain presents itself as an excellent alternative to the high temperatures of Algarve’s coast.

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